Current WIP: The Homecoming Court

Devon has dreamed about being crowned homecoming queen ever since she was a little girl. At last her senior year at the Pacific Military Arts Academy has come and it is finally her turn to compete. Even better, this year's homecoming celebration is in honor of the return of her mother's platoon, which has been out in the field for six months. When the votes are counted and the court is announced she is sure everything is going perfectly. She is the odds on favorite to win and she is confident she will.

Jared never wanted anything to do with the military arts or the academy, and he certainly had no interest in the homecoming competition. So when the court is announced in the mess hall no one is more surprised than he is to hear his name called.

Once the votes are in there is no turning back. The competition is fierce, the challenges dangerous, and there is no such thing as dropping out. Devon is in it to win; Jared just wants to survive. But they will soon realize that neither of them can succeed without the other.

Stage: Early Drafting

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