Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Writing Process Blog Hop!

The lovely Caitie over at Tea & Knee Socks tagged me in the Writing Process Blog Hop last week! For this blog hop I have to share a bit about how I go about my writing and what it is I'm working on right now.

What Are You Currently Writing?

I am currently working on a novel I've titled The Homecoming Court! This story takes the usual homecoming drama and flips it on its head. I've ripped up the typical high school setting and instead planted my characters in a military arts academy, where instead of a popularity contest the Homecoming Competition is a fierce and dangerous contest of strength and wit. 

For Devon Halestorm, being voted onto the Court is a dream come true. For Jared Ender, it is the beginning of a nightmare. The Trials are not for the feint of heart, and while Devon is determined to win, Jared simply wants to escape with his life.

In addition to the suspense-filled competition, there is also a bit of mystery to the story. How did Jared, a student next to no one has heard of get enough votes to make the court? 

What Makes Your Work Different

I'm always drawn to creating badass heroines for my protagonists. I had so few of them growing up and they are still often hard to find, though they do seem to becoming more popular (thank you, Katniss!) I find myself writing the characters I want to read about, but can't find. I've never been interested in writing a solo male protagonist. There are plenty of those in the world and more are published all the time. That's boring to me. I like writing about awesome women doing things female characters don't often get to do. I write about badass ladies who are the center of their own stories.

I tend to avoid writing extensive romance plots, for much the same reason. They are a dime a dozen, and don't get me wrong who doesn't love a good romance, but its less interesting to me to write about. I feel like every YA book with a female lead has essentially the same synopsis: Girl was leading a normal life until she met the mysterious boy and her life changed forever; she also probably found out a secret about her past or that she has hidden powers. And I like those stories. People keep writing them and I keep reading them and I really love a lot of them, but I'm not interested in writing them myself. Romance is always only ever a subplot in my stories. There are lots of fantastic stories to be told that don't revolve around girl meets boy, ya know? I like exploring those.

Why Do You Write What You Do?

I answered a lot of this question in the last question, oops. 

I write YA and I bounce back and forth between predominantly fantasy and dystopian stories. I write these genres because they are what I read. I like imagining new worlds in far off places where magic is real (because as a 21 year woman I am still very heartbroken at the lack of magic in this world; seriously who approved that?). I also really like asking "what happens if..." which often leads me to dystopian story ideas. 

What Is Your Writing Process?

To be honest I'm still working on figure out a process that works well for me. I used to be a HUGE planner. I would spend months working out plots and character back stories and figuring out exactly where I wanted the story to go. Then I would go to write the story and lose interest because I already knew what happened; the fun part was gone.

My last project I refused to let myself plan anything major. This worked in the sense that I did finish the draft, but the lack of planning created such a messy draft that I'm completely overwhelmed at the concept of revision and rewrites. I didn't know enough about my characters to keep them interesting and to make sure I was writing character actions and reactions instead of just pushing them along a plot with no real control over what they were doing. Its a mess. It really is.

So now I'm trying to find a happy medium. I'm doing extensive character planning so I get a good feel for who my characters are, what their motivations are, why they are the way they are, and how they would react to certain situations. I'm planning out all the major plot points but letting myself fill in the scenes between as I write. So far so good! 

That's about it for me! Now I just have to tag a few other bloggers for the blog hop! I have decided to tag Krista over at kjmclaughlin.com and Jaime over at jaime-morrow.com! You should definitely head over and check out both of their blogs; they are pretty fantastic :)


  1. This will sound seriously creepy, but I had a dream about The Homecoming Court last night! Actually I was half-dreaming, trying to come up with a title for my own book, and I thought, "Hmm, THC is a really concise title - tells you the genre and what to expect just in three words...how do I get such a great title?" Haha! Weird!

    And YES to lack of magic - who the heck wants to be an adult anyway? Sooo overrated. I'm still convinced Hogwarts is out there somewhere, mocking me with its amazingness. I love the idea of extensive character planning, though - I'm no good with that stuff, so you'll have to share your secret sometime! :)

    1. haha that's awesome! I thought you were gonna tell me you had a dream that you were IN the book and I was gonna be like "wow please tell me what happened so I can write it down!" lol I usually am awful with titles. Really completely totally awful. This one just came with the idea somehow. Like I thought up the premise and was like "yes good I shall call it the homecoming court" and that was that lol

      Forever resentful. I went through an actual depression when I was reading Nancy Holder's "Wicked" series because Im not a witch and life is horrible.

      I love character planning. And I hate it. I love it because I love seeing my characters come to life, but I hate it because as I do it I just want to write but I can't because I still have 5 characters left to flesh out and I just want to start right now. I'll find some of my favorite resource links and email them to you :)

  2. Your book sounds very interesting! I would definitely read it. I like when someone takes a classic idea and twists it. It really makes the story interesting! :)

    I think one of the reasons I'm not a planner is because I like the idea of being surprised as my characters plan out the story. I have to do some planning to get the story going, but I like never knowing exactly how it will end. We all write different!

    Thanks for tagging me! I already did this, but I really appreciate you thinking of me! :)