Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's Up Wednesday!

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly blog hop hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk in the hopes of bringing writers together on our crazy journeys. If you're interested in finding out more about this blog hop and/or joining us you can read more about it here!

WHAT I'M READING: Someday I will tell you that I have finished Game of Thrones...but it is not this day. I just keep finding other things to read! I think I'm probably going to buy Lindsay Cummings' The Murder Complex that just released last week for my Nook. Seems everyone is talking about it so my interest has been piqued. 

WHAT I'M WRITING: Outlined chapter 5 of The Homecoming Court yesterday and I hope to outline chapters 6 and 7 today. I'm getting really excited because I'm getting to the fun part! And I'm really loving this outlining thing, because my outlines tend to be just really rough drafts. I end up including dialogue and some description. It becomes more like a script and it is going to be really easy for me to type up the actual chapters later this week.

WHAT INSPIRES ME RIGHT NOW: When I was reading up on The Murder Complex I saw it was a debut novel and whenever I find debut novels I like to look up the author. Turns out Lindsay is 22 years old (I believe her twitter said she's about to turn 23). She is just under 2 years older than me and she has all this hype around her first book and I just think that is so cool! It has inspired me to push forward with my writing in hopes of maybe the same thing happening for me in a year or two!

WHAT ELSE I'VE BEEN UP TO: I saw How To Train Your Dragon 2 last Friday and it is SO beautiful. If you haven't seen it you really need to. Right now. I'm also finally mostly recovered from my post Game of Thrones hangover (you can find my reaction to the finale here). And one of my best friends is moving back to the west side today so I'm super excited to have her back for the rest of the summer!

In other news. Its storming here. I'm pretty sure Allendale is about to be washed off the map. But the black cloud of death appears to have moved on for now. *crosses fingers*

That's it for me. How have you guys been this week?


  1. Hooray, someone else has seen How to Train Your Dragon 2. I LOVED IT! I cried my eyes out ^^;

    Good luck with the outlining. Have a great week ^_^

    1. SO GOOD. It was fantastic and I'm already counting down til the third one, haha.

      Thanks so much! And you too! :)

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about the Murder Complex and it's definitely important to know what it doesn't matter the age of the writers. Successful writers come at all ages and stages of life. :) I'm 25 and not giving up my childhood dream! :)

    I haven't seen How to Train Your Dragon 2 - but I really want to! Glad it was good!

    1. I just automatically assume all published authors are in their 30s minimum until proven otherwise haha. It always blindsides me a bit when I find out how old they actually are. (I definitely expected Markus Zusak to be in his 50s at least. Not sure why) But I love finding success stories of young authors. It gives me hope and reminds me to keep going! I had the same experience when I discovered Veronica Roth.

      It is so fantastic! You should definitely see it soon :)