Thursday, May 1, 2014

Goals for May!

Happy May everyone! Summer weather is getting closer and closer every day.

Or at least I have to assume it is. I mean I hope it is....its been raining here all week..

Its the first day of the new month which means a quick check in on my goals from the previous month and officially deciding my goals for the next month! Lets look at how April went:

Goals for April

Read at least one book (lets try this again...)
  • Made this one just at the very last second! Yesterday I read all of Lauren Oliver's new novel Panic and I cannot recommend it enough! Review coming soon.
Write another 10,000 words of my WIP
  • Okay so if we're being super technical I did not actually make this goal I fell about 100 words short. However I have a good reason: I finished the draft!! This is super exciting for me, as I have never in my life actually finished a draft of a story. It is 125 messy, ugly, terrible pages that I will never let anyone else even think about looking at until it has undergone extensive revisions, but it is a draft with a beginning and an end. There is still an awful lot missing in the middle to be sure, but this is still much farther than I have ever made it before so I'm gonna celebrate this little bit of progress!
  • You probably all noticed this fell through in the last weekish. Finals got the best of me, unfortunately. But it was still fun as far as I managed to go and I met some awesome new bloggers, so really it was a success even if I did not manage to complete the challenge.

All in all I'm calling April a success. Now we start moving forward to make May even better! Here are my goals for May:

May Goals:

Write 10,000 words of my NEW work in progress: The Homecoming Court. I've had this idea building in the back of my mind for about a month so I'm excited to finally get to dive in! This is going to be a bit of a challenge I think since I am experimenting with writing by hand instead of typing.

Read the first 2 books of A Song of Ice and Fire

Post to the Diaries at least twice a week

How did your goals for April go? And do you have anything exciting planned for the next month?


  1. Yay writing! Let me know how writing by hand goes for you.

    1. Obviously its pretty early to say for sure but so far I really like it. I used to write by hand all the time as a little kid; I still have pages and pages of loose leaf notebook paper with my stories scribbled onto them stashed under my bed at home. Its nice not constantly wanting to check the word count or having facebook there at the click of a button.

  2. Yayyyy new WIP! I just started one too - how terrifying is it? Every 1K or so I look back and am like, "Errrr this is such a piece of craaaap!", but I persevere anyway ;) How'd you go with Finals? I hope they weren't too stressful, I missed seeing you around the Challenge! Stupid school!

    1. I FINALLY FIXED BLOGGER I CAN COMMENT AGAIN YAY! This is a big moment in my life.

      I'm really super excited to be working on this one, but it is always weird jumping into a whole new world with new characters and having to figure everything out all over again. Finals went as well as finals can haha. Happy they are over! And yeah that was unfortunate but it was fun while it lasted :)