Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Only Guardian Angel You'll Ever Need: C is for Castiel

Casitel is the reason I started watching Supernatural. Every day I would scroll through Tumblr, and every day I was met with complete gem one liner gif sets from Cas. See, Cas is an angel living in a human vessel and as a result there is a lot about humans and life on earth that he has a hard time figuring out.

Like how to curse properly

proper use of air quotes


Seriously guys the options are endless. Little did I know when I started watching Supernatural that Cas does not actually make an appearance until season 4...but that's another story.

For the most part, Cas comes in one of two settings.


or confused

sometimes both

Castiel also has about the best entrance of any character in any show I have ever seen.

Joking aside, Castiel is probably my favorite character on the show. From the very beginning he only ever wants to do what is right; he's entire story is a portrayal of the constant struggle to figure out what is actually the right thing to do. He is constantly being pulled in different directions by the other angels and by the Winchesters. He is a creature that is literally programmed to follow orders, and over and over again we see him struggle to decide if his orders are really the best path. We see him suffer serious consequences over deciding to go against his superiors in order to do what he believed was the right thing to do. 

And perhaps even more importantly, we have seen him get it wrong. So, so many times Cas does his very best to do what is right and things go horribly wrong. And he is forced to live with the consequences of those choices. 

A recent episode has one of my favorite (serious) Castiel moments. To put things exceptionally simply and vague to avoid spoilers, he is being confronted by another angel for the horrible things he has done in the past in an attempt to convince him that he should join this angel's new movement. And we see the pain in Cas' eyes as he is forced to remember everything he did. But then he answers:

This scene. This scene. The past 2 seasons we have watched as Castiel tortures himself because he cannot live with his mistakes. And now finally we get this scene. Finally Castiel has realized that his past does not need to define him. He decides to start moving forward again. To start trying to figure out what the right thing is to do next.

Despite being an angel, Cas is one of the most human characters I have ever seen. He struggles to find his path. He makes mistakes with huge consequences. Sometimes he absolutely hates himself because of the mistakes he has made. But in the end he moves forward.

Cas is easily the most complex character on the show. He has changed and developed immensely since his premier 5 seasons ago. And despite the seriousness of his storylines, he continues to have amazing one liners.

What do you think of Castiel "angel of the Lord"? And who would you have picked for C? Tell me in the comments!

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