Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Olaf

Do you have any idea how few "O" characters there are?

But honestly I loved this little guy. Comedic relief? Yup. Kinda ridiculous sometimes? Yup. Loved him for it? Absolutely.

I don't have a lot of super deep things to say about why I love Olaf, I just do. He's endearing and adorable and just added a little kick to the scenes from time to time. I thought he was hilarious without being overbearing in the film. And he just has some of the best lines like

And of course the obligatory feel good make you want to cry moment

So...yeah this post is basically just a gif montage of adorable Olaf moments. I'm cool with that. Like I said there is no extensive reason why I like him. I just do. And you should too. Because he's adorable. And sometimes just having an adorable character off to the side is a really good idea.

Do any of you love him as much as me? Do you have any super eloquent explanations as to why that I should have talked about? I'm sure their are lots of reasons but to be honest his adorablness is the biggest factor for me.


  1. This post is bringing back happy memories. My grandchildren were here for their spring break and we watched this. We all agreed Olaf was our favorite character. :)

  2. I loved Olaf too! Great A to Z theme btw.