Sunday, April 13, 2014

K is for Kristoff

*EDIT* It is only just now occurring to me that this post actually contains a spoiler. It hadn't occurred to me because I and everyone I'm around is so familiar with the movie that I kinda forgot some people haven't actually seen it. If you have your heart set on going into this movie blind plot wise- and I don't blame you- then probably avoid the post. Sorry about that!!

These posts keep ending up so much longer than I intend them to be, ugh. I can't help it I have a lot of feelings about fictional characters.


The hilarious voice of reason. So a lot of people have been talking about how Frozen basically points out everything that is wrong about a lot of the older disney movies. And a lot of that logic gets filtered through Kristoff. For example.


Most Disney females that's who. Good job Kristoff. Proud of you.

Kristoff goes from being extremely isolationist and selfish:

 to truly caring about Anna and wanting to do whatever it took to keep her safe

even if it meant never seeing her again

or risking his life

Their relationship formed naturally, instead of being the traditional "love at first sight" thing we usually see in movies like this. And on top of that, they are equals in the relationship. He wants to keep her safe, but he doesn't force it on her. He respects her and recognizes that she can take care of herself.

He's ready to knock Hans into next year, but he stops when Anna asks him too without fighting her. He respects her enough to trust her and let her handle it the way she wants.

((which was also awesome by the way...


This scene you guys. THIS FRIGGIN SCENE.

Gone are the days when the prince kisses the sleeping princess who has absolutely no say in the matter whatsoever. THIS IS WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE. Oh my gosh I got so excited in theaters during this scene I don't think you understand. He does not assume she'd be fine with him kissing her; he asks. HE ASKS. Consent is beautiful ladies and gentlemen. Thank you Disney. Thank you so freaking much for this scene.

Kristoff is far from the typical Disney prince. He can be selfish sometimes, awkward, a bit quirky. And that is why I love him so much. Kristoff is real. Prince Charming is not. I want more prince's like Kristoff.


  1. Kristoff is hilarious and wonderful. You mean his name isn't Sven?? I want him, a prince like Kristoff.

  2. I've heard some great things about Frozen, but nothing won me over like those GIFs. I need to see this movie!!