Friday, April 11, 2014

Hello! His Name is Inigo Montoya!

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The man of the hour is INIGO MONTOYA

One of my absolute favorite movies in the whole entire world is The Princess Bride. If you have no seen this movie I'm sorry to inform you you are not living properly. Leave now and go watch it. Right now. You'll thank me and yourself I promise.

And within this amazing movie there are many fantastic characters but none quite so fantastic as Inigo Montoya.

I quote this man on a daily basis. Which works super well when people are familiar with the movie....otherwise you get some pretty crazy looks. But come on he has the best lines...

See what I mean. Don't lie to me, you heard all those in his voice, right? Me too.

Inigo is a pretty simple fellow. He has based his life around a single goal: killing the man who killed his father. He spent years of his life becoming an expert swordsman so that the next time he met the 6 fingered man he would be able to kill him. Nothing fancy. No hidden motives. Just open simple revenge.

And when I say the man is dedicated, I mean dedicated. His father was murdered when he was a young boy. He spent the majority of his life preparing himself and searching for the man in order to get his revenge. This was not a quick story. He was patient. He was determined. And in the end, he gets his revenge. And not to be a bad influence or anything, but it is pretty sweet.

Not a lot of "I" characters out there. Is there anyone else you would have picked? Do you walk around quoting Inigo as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!


  1. The Princess Bride is my all time favorite movie! And yes.... yes I do quote him often.

    1. I actually think I might sit down to watch it tonight lol. And how can you not? I think the quote I use most often is "you keep using that word...I do not think it means what you think it means.." lol

  2. Twinnieeees! Daymnnn, that moment when Inigo finally gets his revenge was so sweet, huh? It was between Inigo and Indiana Jones for me, but I went with Inigo, because really, he's just so cool!