Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Gray Fullbuster

When it comes to anime men, the boyfriend and I have realized I have a bit of a type: the long, dark hair, total badass, cool guy. (Then Ouran High School Host Club happened and the Hitachin twins threw off everything but that is another day and another letter.) Well, Gray is one of those boys.

Since I know I'm entering lesser known territory here I feel like a bit more context is required. Gray is a character in the anime Fairy Tail. It is available on Netflix (or at least the first few seasons are) and I highly recommend it.

Gray is one of the members of the Fairy Tail Guild, which is a guild made up of magic users called either wizards or mages depending on the translation. Gray uses what is called Ice Make Magic, which is pretty self-explanatory and also looks pretty awesome.

Gray's Ice Make Magic is only limited by his own imagination. If he can dream it, he can create it.

And as a funny sidenote: Gray's training has also left him with this strange habit of taking of his clothes without realizing it in rather strange places...

Now that we have that out of the way, onto why I love him so damn much. As to per usual with anime characters, Gray's story is not as simple as it seems at the beginning. The more you learn about his past, the more you understand the tragedies he has endured, the more you realize just how strong he really is.

When Gray was a little kid his village was destroyed by a demon. He lost everything: his family, his home, his friends, his life as he knew it. He became extraordinarily vengeful; all he wanted was to get stronger so he could destroy the demon that had taken everything from him.

He finds himself a magic teacher in hopes of becoming strong enough to one day defeat the demon. Throughout his training it continues to be all he cares about. One day he hears that the demon has been sighted. He runs away from his teacher and their home to find it.

Since he is obviously unable to defeat the demon, his teacher follows him and sacrifices herself to save him. From that day, Gray lives with constant guilt over his naivety and failure, a guilt that will come back to haunt him when his teacher's other student comes back into his life down the road.

Gray lost everything twice before the age of 15, but he never gave up. He kept moving forward. He found a new home with the Fairy Tail Guild. He uses his magic to protect himself, his friends, and others who need them. That's really the pattern of the Fairy Tale characters in general: moving forward despite everything that has happened in the past. And now he is part of the strongest team Fairy Tail has to offer.

On top of the strength Gray has proven to have, everything he has overcome, and the amazing friend he is to his teammates, he also just an all around badass. And lets be honest, that helps right?

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