Friday, April 4, 2014

Daenerys Targaryen

D is for the one and only Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen. Breaker of Chains. Mother of Dragons.

I could write a ten volume encyclopedia set detailing everything I love about Daenerys and it would still not be enough. I will happily admit that I have the BIGGEST crush on her. I would follow my Khaleesi anywhere.

Daenerys starts out as a rather reserved, you could even go so far as to say submissive, character. She and her brother Viserys are the only surviving Targaryens after the fall of the Mad King. Her brother is one of the most disgustingly infuriating characters I have ever had the misfortune to know. He is desperate to return to Westeros and to take the Iron Throne, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make this dream possible. And when I say he is willing to do whatever it takes, I mean he is willing to force Daenerys to do whatever it takes. He forces her into a marriage with Khal Drogo, who in return promises him a Dothraki army to help him conquer Westeros.

((pardon his language))

"I would let his whole tribe fuck you. All 40,000 men and their horses too if that's what it took."

Basically he's a monster. And at first Daenerys, though expressing her unwillingness to marry Drogo, has no way to fight her brother's wishes.

Jokes on him though. She falls in love with Drogo. And since Drogo is the Khal (essentially a Dothraki King), Daenerys becomes his Khaleesi, giving her some new power to work with. And slowly but surely she begins standing up to her brother.

She finds her voice and when she does she never stops speaking. And now it is she, not her brother, who is on the path to reclaim the Iron Throne. And she will not let anything stand in her way.

Sounds a bit harsh, I suppose. But Daenerys wants more than power. She wants justice. She does not merely wish to rule; she wishes to change the world. In her journey she has freed over 200,000 slaves from captivity...

..and now has 8,000 previously slave warriors loyal to her. She could have kept them as slaves. They were obligated to obey her and fight for her as long as she held the whip, but Daenerys does not role that way. She gave them the choice and they chose her.

In addition to her general badassery, Daenerys has also undergone drastic character development. As I mentioned, she has become infinitely more confident in herself since the beginning of the series. But she has also learned a number of important lessons. She was exceptionally naive when she started finding her own strength. She was overly trusting and she paid very dearly for this flaw. I am doing my best to avoid spoilers so I won't say much more on this matter, but she had certainly grown in her understanding of the world since the beginning of the series, and I expect she will continue to.

Lastly, she's the Mother of Dragons. What better title could you possibly want?

And of course, there is the single line that makes me question my sexuality every time she speaks it:

Basically, Westeros best prepare to bow to the queen. Or rather...

Go get them Daenerys. No matter what happens, you will always be my Khaleesi <3


  1. DAENERYYYYS! I haven't even read the books and I know of her awesomeness. It doesn't hurt things that she is a major babe and takes no crap from anyone. Like, really. Her brother sounds like a total a-hole, I kinda hope he dies. Or is at least used as a chew toy for her dragons... :)

  2. Daenerys! I love her too, but after reading book four, I'm nervous to see where she ends up next. She's one of those characters who slowly finds her own strength and I adore and deeply admire characters like that.