Monday, March 31, 2014

April Goals!

Normally I will post goal updates on the first of the month, however the A-to-Z bloghop begins tomorrow so I already have a post planned and I didn't want to crowd it!

First, the walk of goals for March:
  1. Finish at least one book that is NOT for a class
  2. Write another 10,000 words of my still sadly untitled WIP
  3. Post at least once a week to the Diaries (I've decided that perhaps my initial goal of twice a week was a bit ambitious given my course load this semester; so lets try again!)
  4. Start role playing as Tegan and Ariadne on Tumblr  to get to know them better
I unfortunately did not complete any of these goals. I am only about 2,000 words short of my 10,000 word goal,though, so that's not too bad! I didn't get the response I was hoping for with my role playing goals and that does require another person. Maybe next month.

Hopefully April will be better! Its the last month of the semester so my goals are reflecting the fact that I'm about to get disturbingly busy with final projects.

Goals for April
  1. Read at least one book (lets try this again...)
  2. Write another 10,000 words of my WIP
  3. Complete the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge!
I'm super excited for this year's A-to-Z challenge! If you haven't signed up yet there is still time! Sign up and join us! I have a theme prepared that I will unveil in my first post tomorrow :)

How did March go for all of you? And what are you goals for April?

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  1. You can do it! I only read one book last month and I hoped to read more. I wish I was doing the A to Z, but I'm celebrating my book release tomorrow instead! :) Good luck with your goals!