Monday, March 31, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge!!

In my last post I said I would announce my theme for the challenge in my first post of the month tomorrow. I lied.


So! Tomorrow is the first day of April which means it is also the first day of the A-to-Z Blog Hop! The challenge is simple: write a blog post every day of the month excluding Sundays, each post moving through the alphabet starting with A and ending with Z. Its a great way to meet some new bloggers and get a few new visitors to your blog as well! Think you'd be interested in joining us? There is still time to sign up here!

Some people choose themes for their blogging challenge and then create posts for every letter of the alphabet according to that theme. This year I have decided that my theme will be....drum roll please...


Every day I will post about a favorite character of mine according to the first letter of their name. Now for some letter this means I have a difficult decision to make. There are a ton of characters I love that start with the same letter, but I'll have to choose only one.

I'm so excited to participate in the blog hop and I can't wait to see what other bloggers decide to post about this month! I hope you'll join me as I travel to some of my favorite worlds and explore some amazing characters.

Are you planning to participate in the A to Z blog hop? What are your themes? And do you have any character recommendations for me? :)


  1. Hi Katie! I just signed up for the challenge and am doing Favourite Fictional Characters as well! o_O Twinnies! I'm like you - I seriously can't decide on one character for one letter, but maybe I'll pull an Ursula and be cruel but fair.

    I'm at if you're interested in hopping by, best of luck for the month ahead!!

    Caitie :)

  2. I love your theme! I won't be participating, but I will love reading your posts! :)

  3. It took me a couple of days to find you, but I'm glad I did! I love your theme and we have similar taste in books. I'll be sticking around! Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie