Saturday, January 11, 2014

WIP: Character Teasers!

One of my 2014 Resolutions was to post to the Diaries at least twice a week. I'm finding this to be more difficult than I was expecting. I just don't feel like I have much to post about right now! As a result this post is going to be pretty short. I thought I'd share a little bit about my current work in progress! As I mentioned in my last post, I'm not planning anything out ahead of time so even I don't really know where the story will go. I know its being slightly influenced by Game of Thrones. I really love the way those books follow multiple characters and that is something I'd like to integrate into my story. So far I've only met three of my characters and I've decided to share a small glimpse into two of their stories with you!

Tegan has been hidden away in the woods with her father for as long as she can remember. She's dying to see the world she's been kept away from, until Ari, a sassy girl with a mysterious backstory, happens upon their cabin and gives Tegan her chance to escape the trees. But when she finally does, she discovers a darkness in the world and a secret about her past that changes everything and makes her wonder if she should have just listened to her father and stayed inside.

Far to the north of Tegan's cabin lies the town of Arinwood where Ashik has lived with and trained under an exceptionally strong Starling master for almost ten years. One night, after Ashik returns home from a day in town, his master announces that he will be leaving in the morning. He offers no explanation as to where he is going or why. Weeks pass with no word of his master. Meanwhile a shadow falls over Arinwood, and with the master gone the people turn to Ashik for guidance...

That's all I have for now! I haven't written far enough to have a good grasp on where Ari comes from just yet. I have a few ideas, but nothing definite. I can't wait to learn more about these characters and see where their paths take them!

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  1. You sound so much like me right now. I just finished the first (draft) chapter and I have no real map for the future. I'm not even sure I can say what my story is about yet. There's no reason to worry about that, though. Just write and enjoy. I figure we'll both just know when we can call our products finished.