Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Movies with Friends

I'm realizing lately that I can't watch certain movies around most other people because most other people don't love them the way I do for the reasons I do. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I honestly can't help it.

Mulan, for example. I love Mulan. I mean I really really love Mulan. I know every single word of that movie and I enjoy quoting it; its part of the experience for me. Obviously this is not something other people generally appreciate so I tend to watch this movie by myself. Its more than that though. I know Mulan. I see things in that movie most other people don't see. If you'd like an example of what I mean in long form check out my post explaining what most people miss when watching Mulan.

When I watch the movie with other people I want them to see and appreciate all the things about it that I do. I just want everyone to realize how beautiful that movie is and appreciate how amazing and flawless it is, and obviously most people don't. For most people its a childhood favorite and that's it. And that's fine. But I don't like watching it with those people because it takes away from the experience for me. I can't experience it the way I want to and I spend much of the time wondering if they caught how important that one line in the last scene was. Its just not enjoyable for me.

Do any of you have any experiences like this? Or am I just completely crazy?


  1. Clearly, you and I need to watch Mulan together. That is one of my favorite movies and I would love to watch it with someone who would sign along with me and discuss the finer details of the movie. On the topic of Disney movies, the same can be said for Beauty and the Beast and Tangled.

    For me personally, I feel like you are to Mulan as I am to Beauty and the Beast. There are so many things I see in that movie, but when I try to discuss them with other people they claim I am "thinking too much."

    People just don't understand.

    1. I'm so happy its not just me! I mean I love sharing things I love with other people but at the same time sometimes I just can't.
      I also really love Beauty and the Beast :) They are both such fabulous movies!

    2. I enjoy discussing the finer points of movies, especially in terms of their cultural significance.

      But then, I guess that's why I have a blog ^_^ I can throw my thoughts up there and see if there's a person out there who cares as much as I do .