Friday, July 12, 2013

Sketching Novels - What I Hate About Writing

I've come to a realization about my relationship with writing.

I hate sketching. I hate the trying to just type as many words as you can to get a gross, messy sketch of a story written.

Writing is an art. And like every art nothing is beautiful the first time. There are steps to creating a work of art. If you're an artist, for example, you might start a drawing of a person with something like this:

You can tell its going to be a person, but its just a sketch. You might be able to guess if its a man or a woman by the shoulders or hips, but there is nothing really to it. No expression, facial features, nothing. Its only a sketch.

For me, I think starting a novel is a lot like this. Writing the first draft is messy and ugly. You can tell the basics, like what type of story it will be, who the main characters are, what genre it is. But my style doesn't come through when writing a first draft. I am aware while writing it that a lot of the scenes will be cut when I start revisions, just like many of those early sketch lines are erased once the details start getting added.

I don't enjoy the sketching stage. I enjoy the details. I enjoy searching for just the right word to express what it is I want to say. I enjoy delving into my characters and fleshing them out into real people that I love and hate and cry over.

The problem of course being that when I try to do all the little details and perfect words on the first try I never get anything done. That is simply not the way its meant to work, I suppose. At least not for me.

I'm fighting it the best I can, but I'm definitely already losing steam on my NaNo novel, even though I absolutely love the story I'm working on.

Speaking of Hacked, I think I'm changing a few things...okay a lot of things. For example, its a good thing I hate most of the scenes I've written since with my new plans the novel will have to be in third person and right now its in first. And it will be getting quite a bit more complex so far as my characters go, but I love interweaving character plots. I have a bit of a soft spot for them. I'm really excited to keep working on it, and I'll of course be keeping all the words I already wrote because even though I won't be keeping hardly any of them the concepts will be helpful when I start revisions. I really really like my plans for this story, even though I'm still working out most of them.

Are there any steps in your writing process that you really enjoy or despise? How do you get through the ones you don't enjoy?

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