Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm Sorry...I'm So Sorry

I have been such a TERRIBLE little blogger. I said I was coming back and then nothing. Again, so terribly dreadfully sorry. I know its going to take a lot of work to get this blog back to where it was and I'm hoping you will forgive me and we can be friends again. Pretty please?

"What the hell happened to you!?" you might ask.

Welp, last semester was honestly terrible. I was so much busier than I was expecting. I ended up with 17 credits, 3 SWS classes (which means papers and lots of them) and I was trying to pass my last required semester of Japanese (which I did though I admit I'm not sure exactly how) and then I had work and just...it was really crazy and stressful and I'm glad to be rid of it.

"But the semester ended in April, Katie. Its June. What's your excuse now, huh?!"

Okay so this excuse is a good one. I spent the Spring semester studying abroad in Ankara, Turkey. I had hoped to update this throughout the trip but
A. My macbook crapped out on me the day we got there and that was that.
B. I was so busy with class work that I legit went to class did homework and slept for most of the trip.
C. On the weekends when we didn't have class we were traveling around Turkey to all its lovely historical sites.

However, in order to make up for this awful absence of mine, I hope you will accept some absolutely beautiful photos I brought home with me.

....Okay so Facebook just hardcore crashed and I really want to get this posted so I will be making a separate post with some pictures from my trip to share with you all!

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