Sunday, January 20, 2013

Picking a Genre

Okay so clearly one post a week is still going to be a challenge for me. I apologize if I remain a bit inconsistent for awhile. I promise to do my best!

Have any of you struggled to decide which genre you want to write in? If you hope to go the traditional publishing route - as I do - it is unlikely you will find a publisher keen on the idea of you publishing across multiple genres because it makes it more difficult to establish a stable fan base.

I love reading across multiple genres - some of my favorite books are fantasy where others are realistic fiction - so I find it difficult to pick a single genre to write in. Once you break through the wall into publishing in a specific genre you become locked into it; it becomes what everyone expects of you. You could write under a pen name in a new genre I suppose, and many others do, but something about it doesn't appeal to me.

I have a few different story ideas right now that I really love, but they are all in different genres so I am struggling to pick one to dedicate my time to. How can I pick a single genre when I love so many?

Have any of you faced this dilema?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year, New Goals, New WIP

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had lovely holidays :)

One of my goals (see, I'm calling them goals this year to mix things up in hopes that I will actually stick to them..we'll see..) for the new year is to post here once a week again like I was when I first started this blog (which by the way was exactly a year and 4 days ago!!). Hopefully I can stick to this and get the Diaries back to at least partly their former glory!

I do have a new WIP for this new year! I don't have much to talk about as of yet because I'm still working out a lot of the details but I'm really excited about it. Its really different from any other ideas I've had before so hopefully this one sticks. My goal is to have at least a finished draft by the end of the year (hopefully sooner). I think I may post character backgrounds to the Diaries as the characters develop further and divulge more of their exciting lives to me; more to come!

Not much of a post for the first of the year, but I don't have much to report on my new WIP just yet so I suppose that's it for now. Be looking forward to some details about it though! I can't wait to share some snippits with you :)