Friday, September 7, 2012

Breathing Life into our Words

This is an entry from my writer's journal that I decided was kind of interesting and thought I would share with you all :)

I really love writing with a quill. It forces you to slow down and decid what is important; what is worth taking the time to write down; what words are worthy of the ink? You don't experience writing the same with a pen or a keyboard. With a quill you're aware of every word you choose to write. of every time you stop to dip into the ink again. It makes writing a much more conscious activity and reminds you that at its essence writing is an art.

Writing with a quill gives life to your words that is easily lost when typing on a computer. The words are darker when the tip is first dipped and at times are faded when you begin to run out of ink. The letters blur together and the ink may run in some words but not others. Watching the ink bleed slightly in every word makes it appear as if the words themselves are alive which reminds [us] that, in a way, they are. Out stories live in the words we choose to tell them in and those words can outlive us all. Long after we're gone our words endure.

Now obviously this simple little journal entry is not going to endure for all of time - it will probably not even endure my lifetime - but you understand my point. We have written works that are so old we can't date them precisely or even name an author. Words can be truly imortal, living on long after their writer's time. There is just something so beautiful in that thought, don't you think?