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Featured Authors: Jack D. Albrecht Jr and Ashley Delay!

As you all know I was fortunate enough to be a part of the blog tour for Osric's Wand: The Wand-Maker's Debate. If you didn't know that then you should hop on over to my review of the wonderful, and I do mean wonderful, book.

As a part of the blog tour we were all given the opportunity to interview the authors. I realize most people posted the interviews with their reviews but I decided to post them separately both because of my ocd requiring I stick to my blog schedule and because it is just one more day that the book gets a little extra attention. Without further ado, the interview!

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? How was the idea for Osric's Wand born? Did one of you have the idea and then bring the other into it, or were you together on it from the start?

Ashley:  The initial idea for the world of Archana is Jack’s.  I was lucky enough that he felt he couldn’t complete it without me, and I got to join him on this amazing adventure.  I will let him tell you about it.

Jack: Well, that is the gist of it.  I had some difficulty writing Bridgett, and I needed help with some other character issues.  I knew that Ashley and I had VERY similar taste in books so i did everything in my power to get her to join me.  I did have to recruit some mob members to help me, and I think she gave in right about the time they took the thumb screws out of the trunk.

Yikes! Well it's a good thing she did! What about the process? I know I've always wondered how people go about collaborating on something like this. How did you go about it? 

Ashley:  We could not have done it without the internet.  We both live very busy lives, between children, jobs, and school.  If we had to be in the same room to work on the book, it would take us ten years to put out a sequel.  We use document software with real-time interactions and a chat window, email, text, phone calls, and the occasional face-to-face brainstorming session while our girls get together to play.

Jack: I have also used food to bribe her to come over, so it isn’t always our girls playing together that allows us some time to discuss in person.  I have some skill in the kitchen, so I use it to get some face to face time as well.

Food is the best bribe ever. I'll show up just about anywhere for some good food! I've always thought I would have a really hard time collaborating with someone on something like this because I tend to know what direction I want to take something in and I get attached to that idea. Did you ever have disagreements about where to take the story?

Ashley: A few times along the way we had a difference of opinion, but most of our disagreements consisted of me thinking I had shared my ideas with Jack, when in fact he had no idea where I was headed with the story, or vice versa.  We always managed to catch up to each other eventually.  Truly though, the story changed so much as we wrote it that most of our plans evolved into something completely different by the time that part of the story arrived.

Jack: Yes, and we settle the disagreements the way any man and woman who disagree would do it; we discuss the issue, and then do what the woman wants!  In reality; we have both had to do some give and take, we have a great friendship and can both understand where the other is going, most times.  We don’t have a whole lot of disagreements about the direction of the story, it is the smaller details that we disagree on the most. 

Do either of you have favorite characters from the book? Anyone who was your favorite to write?

Ashley:  I really enjoyed writing Machai’s part, especially his speech.  Honestly though, the descriptions of the world of Archana were my favorite parts to write.

Jack: Gus is so much fun to write, I can honestly say that I have been caught off guard by some things that he says.  He won’t let me write it any different either!

I can see how Gus would be an interesting character to write. And he definitely seems like the type of character who would take control of how he was being written!

The end of the book just screams sequel. Can we assume there will be a new book to look forward to?

Ashley: You sure can!  The next book in the Osric’s Wand series will be released this fall.  Keep your eye out for The High-Wizard’s Hunt!

Lets learn a little more about the authors. Tell us a little bit about yourselves. 

Ashley:  Well, I am a single mom, I run a therapeutic massage practice and attend school full time for a degree in literature and philosophy, and I enjoy writing fiction as much as I enjoy reading it.  A fun fact...I am a total night owl.  There is absolutely nothing about 5 A.M. that I find enjoyable.

Jack: I am an amateur beekeeper, pharmacy technician, cook, classic car buff, gardener, reader, and father to the most beautiful little girl the world has ever met.  I am also a huge country music fan, and I am a sucker for any tv show with Gordon Ramsay in it!

I completely agree Ashley! The only way I ever see 5am is if I haven't fallen asleep yet!

I've noticed that my main character has acquired a few of my little habits. Did either of you notice anything about you slipping into the characters?

Ashley:  I don’t really feel like the characters in our book have acquired any of my traits, but I certainly feel that there is a lot of me in the world we write in.  An author can’t help but project into their work; I think that is true of any artist.

Jack: I agree; I don’t think any of the characters have any of my habits, but there is a bit of me throughout the book. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! And best of luck on your future writings!

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