Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dear Diaries, Sherlock Holmes: Rapture Up North

Dear Diaries,

Rapture by Lauren Kate come out yesterday and I am just oh so excited about it! I can't wait to find out how it all ends!

I am intrigued by the fact that the dress is white for this cover when it has been black for the others. Interesting..

In other news I will be headed up north for a short visit to my grandparent's this weekend. This should mean a lot of free time to write without much distraction which I desperately need. Unfortunately it may also mean I will not have my review of Rapture up until next Friday. I doubt I will have the book finished before we leave and the internet up there tends to be a bit sketchy. But I shall do my best. And I will schedule the WIY Blog Hop post ahead of time so that will go as planned and I just won't be able to read all of your lovely responses until I get home.

How many of you are just here waiting to see what Sherlock Holmes has to do with this post? Well I'll tell you.

I just finished season 2 of BBC's Sherlock. And instead of describing my reaction to the season finale I think I will allow my gifs addiction to do the talking for me:

At first I was like...

And then I was like...

Naturally followed by...

Moving on to something like the last few seconds of this...

And at last we reached...


Damnit Steven Moffat why must you be such an amazingly cruel writer? For those of you who don't know Moffat is also the lead writer of another amazing BBC show. Perhaps you've heard of it..  



Nope. It's true.

Sherlock is awesome and you should watch it. Fo'sho. Just be warned that the season 2 finale will leave you just as it left me and that season 3 isn't scheduled to begin production until 2013. Why you ask? Because Moffat is probably busy with Doctor Who for one (season 7 begins in the fall! ahh!!!) and two...

 Benedict Cumberbatch aka Sherlock

is a busy voice acting for...


Martin Freeman aka Watson

is busy finding the ring
and pissing Smaug off as..    

Bilbo Baggins

I suppose filming The Hobbit is a good enough excuse to make me wait. I've been waiting far longer for this movie than a year so I'm sure I can survive without a new Sherlock episode...if I must.

I do hope you have enjoyed my parade of gifs today. I think that is everything for this week. I shall leave you with the epicness that is The Hobbit trailer. Watch it! And you'll have to let me know if I'm the only one who thinks Kili is hot....I doubt it ;)


  1. Ahhhhh!! I LOVE Doctor Who AND Sherlock! Steven Moffat is a genius - love him! Thanks for the gifs - they were great! Oh and the end of season 2 of sherlock = insane!!

    1. I am SO excited for the next season of Doctor Who! Though I must admit I'm a little worried about the Ponds leaving at the end of it..hard to picture 11 without Amy.

      And I KNOW! My boyfriend and I watched it last night and when it was over we were both just like wtf just happened? Friggin Moffat...

      I'm glad you enjoyed the gifs:) I have fun finding them for this post every week lol.

  2. lol!!! Ah, how I love Sherlock. It's so painfully wonderful. You summed up my feelings about the season 2 finale perfectly. Gah. *Cries just remembering it* Eew, Elementary ... whenever I see ads for that show I just point at the TV and I'm like, "NO. NO. JUST GO AWAY." It's just wrong, all wrong. *Sighs* Ooh and I can't wait for The Hobbit! a;lkdfj;lskjdf. It's going to be so awesome! :)

    1. Haha I think we need to set up a skype time or something like once a week to just rant about everything that is awesome (Sherlock...DrWhoWhichYouStillNeedToWatch...all thing LOTR related...skittles..) and stupid (Elementary...Twilight Fan Fic perhaps? :P) in the world. Since that's all we ever talk about anyway lol.

      Seriously. We could have our own talk show. And it'd be brilliant.

  3. The gifs were funny. I don't want to finish Sherlock because the wait for new episodes is to long. Never watched dr who. Lotr sucks!

    1. I almost wish I would have waited to watch Sherlock, or at least not watched ever episode in less than a week. Can't go back now though. Its one hell of a finale.
      Doctor Who is brilliant - obviously considering Moffat is the lead writer for it as well.
      You spelled amazing wrong. Just thought you should know.

  4. I love Sherlock! But I've only watched season 1, so I'm a little afraid to read this post too carefully. ;)

  5. You posts are always so much fun!!!

    I'm HUGE Doctor Who Geek ;)
    I agree, we ripoff the BBC repeatedly. Being Human :( so bad!!!

    1. Thank you:) I love the Dear Diary posts for allowing me to indulge in my gifs addiction hehe. You should see my Tumblr :P

      Doctor Who is AMAZING. I am soo excited for season 7 to start! Unfortunately I'll have to watch it online the day after the eps release since campus cable, needless to say, does not get BBC America. Sad panda :(

      Seriously they just need to stop! We tried stealing Skins too but that bombed here.

  6. Full disclosure: I don't watch Doctor Who. And I've never seen or read Sherlock Holmes.

    *GASP* I KNOW I SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF MYSELF but I just don't have time to add more TV shows to my life. ;) I should probably try reading some Sherlock Holmes books, though...

    Also, the How I Met Your Mother GIFS are hilarious. Love Neil Patrick Harris! And I'm so, so excited about The Hobbit, it's going to be amazing. Woo hoo!

    Have fun at your grandparents' house - I hope you get tons of writing done!

  7. I watch Merlin - which is another BBC production and it's awesome. I love that the British can write great stories, including drama and action, and they don't include sex. Definitely makes the show for me.

    The trailer for "The Hobbit" had me squealing like a fan girl!! Err, I am a fan girl, but I am super excited!!! :)

    1. I've only ever seen the first episode of Merlin but I keep meaning to get back to watching it. And haha yea british shows are more innuendo then anything explicit to be sure.

      And I know! Have you been watching the video blogs? Joe and I have geeked out watching every one - they are AWESOME.