Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dear Diaries, A Night with the Trenchers

Dear Diaries,

Before I begin what is sure to be an epic fangirl post I have a few small announcements. First...

My critiquing mailbox is empty! Send those excerpts in people! I love reading them! Thefictiondiairies[at]gmail[dot]com. Do it!
I do have one for the next critiquing day that I am terribly sorry didn't get posted this past monday. I had intended to do it after my physical but after getting 6 needles shoved into my arm by 4 different people I wasn't in a pleasant enough mood to trust myself with a critique. I hope you understand :P

And second..

I am SO close to having 100 followers!

 I'm sitting right on the cliff at 99- show some love! I think I might have to give a shot out to my lovely number 100 so if it turns out to be you let me know! I am also trying to think up something fun to do in honor of this wonderful occasion. I have a few ideas but I'd love to hear from you as well! Leave any suggestions in the comments!

Now, onto the topic of the day:


Marianas Trench came to Detroit last night! To put it mildly, it was a hot show.

To put it was the hottest, stickiest, most disgusting show I have ever been to.... and it was oh so completely worth it!

This beautiful boy is Josh Ramsay. If I could live in his voice my life would be perfect.

Now, I think I've been to my fair share of concerts for being only 19. I've been to Warped Tour 3 times during which I've seen All Time Low, 3oh!3, Hot Chelle Rae, NeverShoutNever, Breathe Carolina,  and Mayday Parade to name only a very few. I saw 3oh!3 again in Detroit where I Fight Dragons and Cobra Starship opened. I saw Paramore, also in Detroit, and I saw Panic at the Disco, Plain White Ts, and Jack's Mannequin all in one night.

The point is I am not new to the concert scene. And last night Marianas Trench gave the best live show I have ever seen. It might be tied with 3oh!3 in Detroit...but if you knew how much I love 3oh!3 then you'd know that's pretty damn impressive.

I'm rather ridiculously short so I have never gotten pics this good and this close at a show before - aside from Hot Chelle Rae but I saw them when no one had a clue who they were so it wasn't that hard. I honestly I have no idea how I ended up so close or how I was lucky enough to not have some 6' giant in front of me like I usually do. I think the Trencher gods were looking out for me. Thank you, Trencher gods!

This pic I was not lucky enough to take. I stole it from someone on Twitter.

I've always thought it would be really creepy and weird to have people grabbing at you like that. But he crowd surfed like 3 times so he was basically asking for it. And I might not have been lucky enough to get this pic, but I was lucky enough to grab his hand one of the times he did it. Not even intentional - I got pushed into the chaos by the people behind me. But..still...

Pretty much...
Go ahead and judge. 

I was really close to catching one of his guitar picks but it fell just in front of me and some chick picked it up before I found it.

I feel kinda bad because I didn't get many good pics of the other guys in the band. I was dead center the whole time so Josh was the easiest shot..and the one I'm most in love with. Plus I think Mike was just determined to be blurry in every pic I got. What a jerk :P

Best I can offer for any Matt fans out there. He refused to stand still and whenever he did I got shoved or something. It took like 10 tries just to get this one.

**UPDATE** So I was running through Twitter and Matt tweeted about how last night was the first time he ever performed shirtless. Apparently a lot of people are rather jealous of the Detroit Trenchers right now - as they should be! But since it was such a momentous occasion I ran along to tumblr to find a better pic to honor it with<3

Guh. So beautiful.
And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Fo'sho though. I am in love with Ramsay's voice. I had always knows he was an amazing singer in and out of the studio but I had never heard him live for myself until last night.

If I had one wish it would be for him to sing me to sleep every night. Seriously.

Basically I am a full-fledged Trencher and damn proud of it!

I shall leave you with videos of their songs and beg of those of you who have never listened to them to press play. You will fall in love. Guaranteed. Non-negotiable. 

You're welcome ;)

Ever After 

Truth or Dare - one of my personal faves off the the Ever After Album<3

Bill Joel fans? This is their cover of And So It Goes. Entirely a capella. Perfect example of one of the biggest reasons I love them; every single one of them can sing like nobody's business<3 

I don't know why the videos aren't showing up but for some reason you can still push play if you click where they're suppose to be..I don't know what blogger's playing at but check'm out anyway!


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    1. Yeah, my blood did not want to cooperate for some reason. It was just lovely..

  2. Owww...thanks for sharing. i like the pics and videos you use.

  3. This is an awesome post! Thanks for sharing the pics and videos.

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