Monday, June 11, 2012

Avengers for your Thoughts?

This week, instead of giving my thoughts on writing, I'm going to ask for yours. You see, I have been having some serious trouble getting myself to sit down and write. I have so many ideas in my head that I love but I just can't seem to sit still long enough to write them. These wonderful boys have been keeping an eye on me..

buts its just not enough anymore.

I'll get random bursts of inspiration which are awesome. They're usually brought on by reading or watching something amazing and me going "I want my book to be that epic!" and then I run off to write for a few hours. But those few bursts are simply not cutting it.

I have decided I'm going to try outlining for once (ironic considering what last weeks WIY Blog Hop question was) in hopes that having my thoughts outlined ahead of time will make it easier to focus, so I suppose we'll see how that turns out. But in the mean time I want to know what all of you do to get yourself to sit down and write when your mind wants to do just about anything other than focus on a word doc.

 I'll also happily accept any advice you veteran outliners might have. How do you outline your stories?


  1. I have a picture just like that hanging above my desk, with one of Tom Hiddleston beside it that says "You should be editing." :)

    Usually, I outline by chapter. It ends up looking something like this:
    "Chapter 1:
    This event happens. Character One does this and Character Two goes here. Introduction of Character Three. Short description of some place..."

    I like to leave a little room to change the chapters if need be, so the outlines are usually pretty vague except for major events.

    As far as making myself focus on writing, I sometimes have to disconnect from the internet if I'm writing on the computer, or if I'm writing by hand, I tell myself "I'm not doing anything until I finish this page (front/back)!" Write or Die has been a useful website too.

    Good luck with the outlining! :)

  2. I have that picture as my desktop, not that I am writing very much. I didn't used to be a plotter, but I've become one. Usually my outline is written on scraps of paper while I'm at work or doodling during something else. Example: (taken from a receipt I doodled on)

    * Edom and Aaron traveling to the capital, give some background about Aaron and the death of his twin and parents
    * Give a rich description of the capital and glimpsing members of the Guard

    I don't usually outline too indepth, but more or less I give myself something to follow if I'm a little stuck. Though most of the time, I still write those things the day before or on the day I'm writing that part. I'm still a pantser at heart. :)

    Good luck outlining!

    1. I'm in love with that pic lol.

      And I'm not usually one for outlining but I think this story is just too complex not to - especially considering it will probably be spanning a decent number of books.

      PS - Sorry I'm once again late with your chapters D: I'll do that today I promise! I kinda went MIA last week lol.

  3. I need to put that picture somewhere. It's great.
    When I get the outbursts, I usually grab pen and paper and jot the rough ideas down, since it takes too long to work them into a nice, legible story right away. (This can take several pages though :) ) Usually, I forget to look at the paper again. Yep, I have notebooks everywhere - at least 10. But the notes, the ones that are really good for the story, stay in my head. And I let the story boil, toil and churn up in my brain until I have the whole thing - a mental outline, I guess you could call it.
    Then, when I know the whole thing, I sit down and write.

  4. Okay, so I'm new to your amazing blog, but as soon as I saw that picture, I knew THIS is a girl I want to follow :)

    Outlining is easier than everyone thinks, I reckon. My advice? Buy yourself a really pretty notebook so you HAVE to use it, go chapter by chapter, outlining main developments and events. Character profiles etc usually come later for me, but it's really whatever pops into your head! Hope that helps! :D

    1. Haha thanks! I absolutely LOVED that movie. And I'm pretty much in love with Tony Stark...

      Its funny you should mention notebooks actually. I'm quite positive that I will one day be the founder of Journals Anonymous...I have a bit of an addiction..

  5. I loved the Avengers. So much testosterone driven action and witty humor. I want a poster sized version of that picture so I can frame it and put it up in my room.

    Outlines are great for keeping everything straight and organized. I've resisted going back to them because I used to spend so much time on mine that by the time I finished, something in the story would change rendering a superior chunk of my hard work useless as the story would trot down a different path. I went back because the current story I am working with has so many overlapping parts it was almost impossible to keep everything straight.

    An outline can save you from losing ideas too, and they are easier to write than entire scenes. Crafting an outline might be just what you need to get jump started again because you'll be able to visualize the progress of your story and find some of the weak points and plot holes.

    Hope that helps.