Monday, May 7, 2012

Word Wars!

Yes, I have just discovered the beauty that is word wars and I think I am in love.

For those of you who don't know what they are, word wars are single sitting writing competitions based on word count. Participants all sit down and write for a set period of time, all at the same time, and try to finish with a higher word count than the other writers. As a ridiculously competitive person, there could not be a better form of motivation to get me to sit down and stay focused. Joe and I did one last night (I won, of course, hehe) and I managed 1250 words, exactly, in an hour. Now compared to some people that might seem like nothing, but I felt like a boss when I was done!

What's the number one thing just about every person in love wants to do first? Make sure everyone within  facebook posting distance knows about it! Duh! So that is exactly what I am doing! I have started a facebook group dedicated to organizing word wars for any writer who is interested in joining. We will organize at least one word war per day, scattering the times so that everyone can participate regardless of schedules. It will also be a great place to post word war requests if you suddenly find yourself eager for a good writing session. The goal is to bring writers together and to motivate all of us to sit down and stay focused!

Anyone who is interested is welcome to join the group which can be found right! And, my loverly fellow bloggies, I am asking that you help spread the word on this project! The more people who get involved the more fun it will be!


  1. I can be a slow typer, so I think I would suck at this. Great motivation, though! :)

    1. What better way to practice? haha
      It really is a great motivation. I'm hoping to increase my word count every time. I know of a few people who have been doing them for awhile who can crank out 3k in a hour. Now that's crazy!