Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dear Diaries: A Giveaway, An Excerpt, and some Tragic News

Dear Diaries,

I have so many exciting things to share with you!

First, the lovely Taylor Lynn over at Perfectly Sensible Nonsense is hosting a fabulous giveaway for aspiring writers!

Follow the link, found right abooout HERE, to enter for the chance to win a copy of The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published. It promises to be an amazing resource for all aspiring writers and Taylor insists it will follow through!

Let's see what else? Oh yes! As of last night's word war I have officially passed the 10,000 word mark on my first draft of Raven Letters! I have never written 10,000 words of anything in my life so it was a very exciting moment in the world of Katie.

In honor of this loverly occasion I have decided to share a short excerpt from the draft of Raven Letters. Originally I told myself I wouldn't let anyone read any of it until it had gone through at least one round of editing, but I can share a piece of my horribly rough rough draft with you, can't I? We'll keep it our little secret. If you're interest in knowing a bit about the book check out my Work(s) in Progress page!

The Fire Arts are tricky. 
The Arts are not magic as many ignorant tongues have named them. They do not allow Artisan’s to simply conjure whatever they please whenever they wish. They are the manipulation of the world around you. The ability to use all of this worlds gifts in ways no one else can. It is simple enough to manipulate the earth; it is always there, ready and willing to be sculpted by Artisan hands. Air is even simpler, light and free, just waiting for us to give it purpose and direction. Fire, however. Fire has a mind of its own.

Conjuring even a simple fire requires a greater understanding of the world than any of the other elements. Fire is not laying around waiting to be picked up. It must be sparked. In a way, the Fire Arts are a further manipulation of the air Arts, an extension. You cannot create fire without air for it to breath. I suppose you could say Artisan’s do conjure fire out of thin air; we set fire to the air itself.

As I said, still pretty rough. But for some reason I just adore this passage! Really, I love the entire section it is taken from. During this section my MC, Anadilyn, is reliving the day of her mother's death in a dream. Its a tragic excerpt, and pretty dark, but it was such a rush to write! 
I'm not a psycho who enjoys writing people's horrible deaths, promise. This scene in particular just really stands out!  

Our Word Wars group has really taken off! We've officially reached 30 members and everyone who has been participating has been loving it. The friendly competition is a great motivator and we've all been meeting new writers in the process! We're even working on getting a Wiki page set up for it so everyone can share what they're working on and to keep track of everyone's word counts. Basically, its pretty awesome :)
If you missed my first post about Word Wars go check it out! Word Wars Post!!!! We'd love to have you join us:)

Lastly, and unrelated to writing, I would just like to share just how deeply disappointed I am in the state of North Carolina right now. By passing their appalling same-sex marriage ban amendment they have added their name to the list of states taking huge steps backwards towards true equality in our country. 
I would also like to say how excited I am to see that Obama has finally decided to take a firm stand on the issue by coming out (well..not like that :P) in support of the LGBT community and all their many supporters.

Well, Diaries, I think that's all for now! I shall take my leave with a question for all of you: Have you ever written a passage that you simply loved like I do my deadly dream?


  1. Isn't it wonderful when you write a passage you just adore? Great job on that one, and congrats on reaching 10,000 words - that's amazing! You must feel so proud of yourself right now. :)

    Thanks for spreading the word about my giveaway, too - I appreciate it!

    And I agree with you - I was very happy to hear that Obama is openly supporting gay marriage now. As for the whole North Carolina thing... *shakes head* It's just so bigoted and prejudiced. Really, what happened to separation of church and state? Who gave the government the right to decide who you can and can't love? I'm glad to "meet" another blogger who feels the same way I do about it. :)

    1. It really is the best feeling ever! And thanks! Unfortunately last night I came to the conclusion that Raven Letters really needs to be the second book in the series - so I'm back to stage one for now while I figure out my new book one. Frustrating, but it will be worth it; I'm determined to make this series amazing no matter what it takes!

      Exactly! And a lot of people argue with me on it saying the separation only stops the government from interfering with the church, but if the church gets to be exempt from aspects of the government then they shouldn't have any place in politics! Oye, one of my many issues with organized religion. If it is what you believe then great, I'm happy for you that you have that faith, but you don't need to shove it down everyone else's throats.

      Very good to meet you too!:)

    2. Oh. Well, I can see how that could be frustrating. ;) But it sounds like you're pretty dedicated to this idea, so YAY! Good luck with it!

      ABSOLUTELY. If you have a religious faith, then that's wonderful, good for you. But don't go preaching to everyone else and using YOUR beliefs to govern EVERYONE ELSE'S lives! Because frankly, then I just start to lose respect for your religion itself instead of the other way round.

      I think Hank Green's most recent upload to Vlogbrothers, Legalizing Hate in America, sums up my feelings on this whole subject well.