Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for: Notebooks

Okay so by notebooks I really mean journals. But journal doesn't start with an "n" which is problematic. So lets just pretend, shall we?

I always joke that I am going to be the founder of journals anonymous. Seriously, I have a problem. I am currently in possession of, I believe, 10 different notebooks. I have this need to assign every notebook to a specific purpose and then that is all I will use it for. A few of my notebooks are still empty because I have yet to decide on their purpose, but I know something will come up at some point.

So lets look through the ones that have been assigned already:
One is for brainstorming for a specific series I plan on writing (currently in the process of writing book 1).
One is for writing down random little pieces of stories that might come to me during the day. Not complete story ideas, just small details that I can later put together to make a story.
One is for complete story ideas. Now by this I don't mean I have the entire plot figured out, merely that I know the basis of the story, like what you might read on the back of a book only not written as nicely.
One is for writing about anything that might on my mind. I've found that a major source of writers block for me personally is if something is weighing on my mind; being able to write it out helps clear my head and get me back on track.
One is purely for inspiration. I literally write jibberish in it and draw random horrible colorful illustrations to said jibberish. But every now and then something amazing comes out of it; this notebook is probably my favorite.

As much as I love sitting down at my computer and typing out my stories there is just something about being able to physically write things out that I love; it seems much more personal and elegant somehow.

So my fellow writers, do you use notebooks in planning your work at all?


  1. Wow, that's quite a few notebooks. I'm impressed :)

    One of my many issues is that I plan out my stories excessively, and when I get stuck with my excessive planning, I get excessively stuck for excessively long periods of time. (Notice my excessive use of a certain root word in that last sentence.)

    Anyway, the fact that I plan so much means that I use notebooks quite a bit. I always use four different coloured pens and write in all the margins and lines so that the whole page is covered in writing. I think I worked one time that I've got over 30,000 words of planning in them :P

  2. I don't really use physical notebooks, but I do have tons of digital outlines. Great post for N!

  3. I always *intend to* but never quite make it :-)