Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for: Lord of the Rings

That's right, I'm a Tolkien nerd. But, honestly, how couldn't you be? The man was a genius.

The Lord of the Rings, along with its prequel, The Hobbit, were my first obsessions; and they have survived for many years. I have a leather bound collectors edition of The Lord of the Rings sitting happily on my bookshelf right this minute (my best find at the used book store by far!) I also own the extended edition of the movies, which I have spent a good many days of my life enjoying (I had them playing constantly, even just in the background, for about 2 weeks after I bought them).

Everything about The Lord of the Rings amazes me. The depth of the story, the history, the cultures, the languages, everything. It is what started my love of fantasy and made me want to write stories of my own. The only problem was that for a very long time everything I wrote was fantasy; I was so caught up in everything I loved about Tolkien's work that everything I tried to write screamed "Lord of the Rings wannabe". I was finally pulled out of this when I read the Hunger Games, my most recent obsession. My current WIP is the first to not contain elves or dwarves, and it is by far the best story I have ever come up with. Of course, I still love The Lord of the Rings, and I still love spending a day on my couch watching Aragorn be a badass (the fact that I am basically in love with Aragorn's character is completely irrelevant...but come on, how could you not be?)

Even though I have finally stopped trying to write like Tolkien, I still turn to his books (or the movies, or the movies' soundtracks...) when I find myself in need of inspiration. Something about going back to Middle Earth always leaves me wanting to write. Clearly the only logical thing for me to do is move to New Zealand where I can look out at Middle Earth in my own backyard. Maybe someday...(pretty please?)


  1. One, I agree with everything. Lord of the Rings is... just everything amazing! I love Tolkien and I've loved his books for years. The extended editions are the best! And I'm totally in love with Aragorn's character too; very dreamy. :) The only logical thing is to move to New Zealand and I really want to. Great letter choice! :)

    1. I've had the extended editions for almost 3 months and we still haven't gotten around to watching all the behind the scenes stuff!
      And how can you not be in love with him<3
      I am determined to move to New Zealand! Especially now that Hobbiton will be a permanent site and the Green Dragon will be opening as a real pub!

  2. I just saw this post and had to comment! I LOVE Tolkien, and I love his writing and everything! Oh, and who couldn't like Aragorn? He's my favorite character too! Tolkien's writing is just genius and I fail to measure up to his writing skills in every way.....ah, I can still dream, though.
    Anyway, Hobbiton will be a permanent site? And The Green Dragon is opening as a real pub? That's awesome!!

  3. I've never read the books but I just finished watching the extended versions of all three movies (not in one sitting of course). They were such great movies! And yes, Aragorn was my favorite character.

    If you like LOTR parodies, you should check out French and Saunders' parody of the first LOTR movie. They are a British comedic duo and they did a great job. My roommate and I have been showing it to just about every LOTR fan we know.

    Good luck on the rest of your A to Z Challenge posts!

    Sarah @ The Writer's Experiment

    1. Aww, you have to watch them in one sitting at least once! Its just about the best way to spend a rainy day<3

  4. I hi-five you! Awesome post :)

    I love Tolkien as well. The scope of the world and the story he created is truly incredible. In all senses of the word, that man was genius; and the immortal fame he earned himself is completely deserved.

    As for moving to New Zealand, great idea! Tell me once you're here and we'll go hang out in Hobbiton or something :P

    1. I hi-five you back! Thanks:)

      The extent of his genius never ceases to amaze me. One of the specials on the extended Fellowship talks about his life and how and why he ended up writing about Middle Earth; its so cool!

      I will definitely let you know1 I'm thinking it might be a while, though :P