Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A is for: All About Moi

All About Moi. That counts as A right? 
I'm gonna say yes.

I swear this post is not as arrogant as it sounds; hear me out. 

I have decided that my theme for the A to Z Challenge will be self-reflection; I will be writing about everything that made me who I am today. So what better way to start off the challenge than by giving a little insight as to who it is I have become? The rest of the month will revolve around what made me, me. Today I'm going to tell you who me is. 

My name is Katie Conigliaro. I am 18 years old, but I will be turning 19 this Thursday, April 5. I am finishing up my first year at Grand Valley State University and I am dual majoring in creative writing and english language and literature.

I have big dreams and every intention of making them reality, no matter what it takes. I have always dreamed of being a writer with real books with real words in them. Every day I imagine what it would be like to hold a copy of my work and have it on my bookshelf; this image keeps me motivated whenever pesky doubts creep into my mind.

I love to read, watch movies, and play video games (Guild Wars anyone?). I am obsessed with The Lord of the Rings; one of my life goals is to read every book Tolkien ever wrote. I can quote How to Train your Dragon and Mulan in their entirety.

If I buy the first book of a series in hardcover then I have to own every other book in the series in hardcover too. Same goes for paperback. No exceptions.

I hate (most) chick flicks; I prefer watching stuff blow up as opposed to a sappy love story. 

I love summer, slurpees, and anything with the word BBQ in it. I despise the cold, hate Dr Pepper, and won't touch anything with tuna in it unless its sushi, which I also love.

I dream of traveling the world. I speak Spanish, not fluently but enough to survive if I ever mysteriously woke up in Spain. I am currently learning Japanese; I could probably survive in Japan so long as no one wanted to actually hold a conversation, but I like talking much too much for that to work. 

I have 3 dogs, Abby, Dakota, and Gizmo. I also have a beta fish named Capfin Jack, or whatever variation of that (Jackie, Jackleton, etc) I choose to call him that day.

I am extremely OCD about some things; cleaning is not one of them. I like to cook but I hate doing dishes. There is no chore I dread more than putting clothes away.

I play the flute and alto saxophone. I want to learn piano and violin.

I am loud. I am obnoxious. I am sarcastic. I am very easily amused. 

I am a proud unique individual. 

To put it simply; I am me.


  1. I only just found you in the huge list of A-to-Z Challenge participants (dang, there're a lot of us), and my own special blend of OCD kicked in, demanding I start reading your posts from the beginning. Had to pause here and tell you I love your voice (writer's voice; you know what I mean) and your self-reflection theme. I'm weaving on a similar thread, myself: memories.

    Off to pull a quick catchup with the rest of your challenge posts. =)

    Oh, hey? Happy belated birthday, from one April baby to another!

    1. There are a lot of us! I'm trying to make it to as many as I can but there are just so many!
      Thank you very much:) I'm glad you enjoyed it! I will have to swing by your blog to see what loverly memories you have shared:)

      Oh, thank you! And happy birthday to you too! :)

  2. As with the above comment, I found you on the A-Z challenge list! (We didn't participate though, we would have loved to but time was an issue! Still followed people though) I just wanted to say I loved some of your posts. And your 'About' page could be my own, I too love Lord of the Rings, Mulan (the music is brilliant in it, isn't it!) and I definitely agree with the hardback book buying rule! It would look too weird on your bookshelf otherwise.
    Many thanks! R