Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for: Elementary Teachers

I spent all of my elementary years in Holly Area Schools, and during that time I had some of the best teachers I could have asked for.

I have to be honest; I don't remember a whole lot about my time in elementary school. I remember when they told us we had to learn cursive because every teacher we'd have after that would require everything be written in it (all lies). I remember taking timed math tests back when math only included numbers. I remember it was the last time I saw straight A's until my junior year of high school, because math suddenly used letters too. But aside from that I do not remember much.

I do remember the first time I realized I liked to write. More so, I remember the first person who ever encouraged my writing; my third grade teacher Mrs. Jan Wachowski. I don't remember what I wrote, or why I wrote it, but I remember her telling me I had a talent for it. Those words stuck, and that was the beginning of everything. After that I started to write, a lot. I started who knows how many stories. I wrote poems, or at least a third grader's version of poems, a few of which were published in young writers anthologies. Granted they were the type of anthologies where just about anything submitted got published, but that didn't matter.

Even at that age I had a love of reading that is probably unnatural for someone so young. Until Mrs. Wachowski, however, I don't think I had ever written a thing. I can't say that I would never have discovered my passion for writing if she hadn't first encouraged me, because I firmly believe I was born to be a writer, but who knows how much longer it would have taken if she hadn't.  Mrs. Wachowski was the first person to ever encourage me towards writing, and for that I will always be grateful to her. 

Mrs. Wachowski, I know at some point you are going to be reading this, so I wanted to say thank you so very much for everything you did. You were the first person to inspire me to be a writer and I will never forget that.


  1. Katie, you touch my heart, then and now! A fair trade, I dare say. I, too, write more than ever, and who knows...maybe I will share someday because of you. I know I am inspired! Thank you so very much for everything (I still have a 3rd grade picture of you taped to my desk wall)! You really are a very exceptional writer.

  2. What a great post! I had a couple of teachers who encouraged me and it led to great things. Keep writing!

  3. Great post! I also remember a couple of teachers who inspired me and pushed me toward my goals. It is because of those teachers that I am in college studying to become a teacher myself!