Tuesday, April 3, 2012

B is for: My Bookshelf

I have insisted that I will have one of these whenever I have my own house. I am quite positive I would never leave. Ever.

When I first moved in to my on-campus apartment this past Fall I spent the first few hours alone in the apartment (my roommate hadn't gotten here yet) unpacking my things. I unpacked my clothes and stocked my closet and dresser. I got my TV and playstation set up and pulled out all my movies and games. It was not until I had unpacked my books, however, that the room began to feel like it belonged to me. It was my books that made this room home.

I brought considerably more books with me than I could ever have had time to read over the semester. In fact a good number of them I brought I had already read once, twice, five times, and had no intention of reading while I was here. I just needed to have them there. I needed to be able to see them and know that they were there if I ever needed them.

My books are some of my best friends. I am the Doctor and they are my closest companions (anyone?). Over the years they have provided inspiration, freedom, and many much needed escapes. I cannot remember a time in my life when I didn't love getting lost within the pages of a book. I cannot explain the excitement I feel with the weight of a new book in my hands as I finger through its pages, eager to begin a new journey. From the time I learned to read to now my love of reading has only grown; it is an essential part of my life. From my love of reading a love of writing emerged and what started out as a simple hobby has turned into a passion and a lifestyle.

Currently my bookshelf is made up of three Sherrilyn Kenyon books, my Collectors Edition of The Lord of the Rings, The Children of Hurin, Eragon and Eldest, The Lovely Bones, all three books in the Hunger Games Trilogy, Shine, The Host, Shanghai Girls, Glass, Volume 1 of Sweep, For One More Day, Velocity, and one of my two copies of the Count of Monte Cristo. Of those books I have yet to read any of them aside from The Lord of the Rings, half of The Host, Eragon, Eldest, and The Hunger Games Trilogy. You see, there is an amazing used book store in Grand Blanc, where I bought a good number of the books I just listed. The only problem is because the store is so amazing I buy the books much faster than I can read them. I'm hoping I will have read most of them by the end of the summer.

The books I listed are only a small portion of my collection, namely the portion of it that would fit on my little bookshelf here at school. And even though I have yet to read the majority of books I brought with me, it is comforting to have them here just in case the opportunity arises.

I am a book-geek; it is that simple. And I am very grateful for that. I don't know what I would be doing with my life if I wasn't a writer, and if I had never developed a love of reading chances are I would never have developed my passion for writing either. I owe someone a very big thanks for that, but that is for another letter.


  1. Hello Katie,

    What a great post! I think this is my new favorite blog! I can relate to the book addiction, and I will definitely be back to see what you dream up for the other letters, and to read more of your lovely writing. I am following now.

    I am doing the A to Z Challenge as well. Take a peek at my blog too if you get a chance! I write humor. (Well, I make myself laugh, and sometimes that's enough.)


    1. Hello, and thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Nothing is better than a good book addiction:) What do you like to read?
      Thanks for the follow and I will most definitely be heading over to check out what you come up with throughout the month:)

  2. Always love to see other book collectors-- I recently donated a bunch of my books and brought the count from 1300 down to 800 ;) It was really difficult, but better in the long run (I move pretty often). They're always the last to be packed and the first to be unpacked!

    1. Oh yes, my future apartments/house are going to be covered with bookcases. Its that simple. I couldn't bear to part with mine, though I would have loved to look through the massive piles you donated! Any books/authors in particular you couldn't bring yourself to part with?

  3. Wow that's a gorgeous built-in! I recently bought some of the ladder type bookshelves, as my other (ancient) bookcasr collapsed from too many books!

    1. Isn't it? I stumbledupon something similar to it and immediately informed the boyfriend that he would be building me one, haha.