Friday, March 30, 2012

Dear Hunger Game Haters

*SPOILER WARNING* If you have not yet read the book The Hunger Games or haven't seen the movie I am about to ruin the ending for you. Don't let me do that. I would never forgive myself!

Since the Hunger Games movie has gone into theaters I have read a number of ridiculous complaints about both the movie and the book. Its obvious to me, and just about everyone else, that the people making said complaints either A: did not read the book carefully enough or B: did not read the book at all but still feel they are entitled to an opinion. Lets clear a few things up shall we.

Complaint 1: Rue and Thresh were black in the movie.
Rue and Thresh are from District 11, the southernmost District. They also spend the most time out in the sun as they are the Agricultural District of Panem. They are described as dark-skinned in the book.

Complaint 2: This movie was too violent for my children.
The Hunger Games are a forced fight to the death between kids 12-18. The movie is rated PG-13 for a reason. Maybe you should have watched the trailer before taking your 10 year old to see it.

Complaint 3: There was no happy ending.
It is the first book of three, hence the first of three movies. You haven't seen the ending yet. Within the first book: if you read the book, which is written in first person, you'll find that Katniss surviving is a fairly happy ending all things considered. If you want happily ever after, stick with Disney.

Complaint 4: Cinna was black.
Cinna's race is never specified in the book and Lenny Kravitz portrayed him perfectly. Where's the problem exactly?

I am not saying the movie was perfect, there were some things they changed/took out from the book that I would have liked too see. However the people hating on the movie, and the books for that matter, because they are too violent are just ignorant. And besides that, the main point of the books is not a bunch of kids killing each other. Its a revolution series. When Katniss and Peeta acted like they were going to commit suicide via nightlock, therefore forcing Seneca to declare them both victors, they outsmarted the capitol on live television. President Snow is not going to take kindly to that. You have to keep in mind there are two more books. The story isn't anywhere near finished at the end of the Hunger Games.

Come on people. The movie is based off a book. Reading is good for you, try it some time.

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