Friday, February 3, 2012

I finally posted a story? It can't be..

Oh but it is! I finally finished my first short story and put it up on the blog. You will find the link on the right under My Short Stories. I welcome feedback and hope you will leave comments on it and all future stories I post.
With this story I realized that the most difficult part about this project is not going to be writing the stories, rather its going to be knowing when to call it finished. I had originally planned out posting "The Valedictorian" up about a week ago, but I had my Creative Writing Professor read it and she gave me some feedback and ideas as to how to improve it. I spent the last week editing touching it up I am sure that I could spend another month editing and changing things trying to make it perfect, but that would defeat the whole purpose of this project. The point of this project was to force myself to write more often and to work on coming up with new stories. If I tried to perfect the first story I wrote I would miss out on all the other stories I could have spent the time on. That is not to say that I won't come back to some of these stories and try to make them better later on, but for the time I think my time would be best spent writing out the numerous stories bouncing around my head.
On another note, we had our first workshop session in class on Thursday and, after I have had time to make a few changes based on the feedback I got from the workshop, I will be posting one of the pieces I wrote for class along with the guidelines for the assignment for anyone looking for something new to write.

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