Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Writing Outside the Box

I am a horrible person and completely forgot to post last week so I shall make it up by posting at least twice this week.
We are almost a month into the semester and so far I absolutely love Intro to Creative Writing. It is pulling me a bit outside my comfort zone, we did some work with poetry which I have next to no experience in, but I think that is exactly what a class like this needs to do; if you only write things you're already comfortable with you will never learn anything new.
What I love most about the class, so far, is the assignments we've been given. The manner in which I've had to come up with and create my pieces for the class is unlike any other writing I've ever done. This past week, for example, I had to write a piece modeled on "The Raven" by Barry Lopez and "The Search for Marvin Gardens" by John McPhee.  After reading the essays I had to pick a noun, research the facts and myths behind it, and then combine those facts and myths to write a piece in the genre of my choice. I chose to write a short fictional narrative about a little girl looking up at a Japanese folding fan and imagining all the stories it might tell. I plan on posting the story this weekend, after its been workshopped and touched up.
Another assignment I was given was to make a list of descriptive details of a memorable event in my life and then make another list of details for a fictional event happening in the same location. The assignment was to put the lists together in a way to create a poem combining the details of two events. As I mentioned I have very little experience with poetry so I would like to work on that one quite a bit more before posting it, but I'm sure it will make it here at some point.
It has not even been a month and I'm already thinking about writing in ways that had never occurred to me before, which is exactly what I was hoping for when I became a writing major. I can't wait to see what other wonderfully strange assignments my professor will come up with. It is going to be a good semester, I can feel it.

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