Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Years everybody!

Considering it is New Years Day I decided my first post would be about my resolutions for 2012.

Personally, I have never really done the resolution thing. I just never took the time to stop and think about what I really wanted to accomplish over the next year. For some reason I found that it was much easier to think of resolutions after completing a semester of college; it has a funny way of putting things into perspective. Of course, some of my resolutions are the type you could find on anyone's list - I want to stop biting my nails and to start working out twice a week - however I also made a number of resolutions that, assuming I keep them, will give me an excellent start towards my writing dreams. I have decided to attempt to write 2 short stories every month, all of which I will be posting here. I also plan on reading at least 1 book a month (I so badly wished to make it 2 or 3 but with classes it simply would not happen). Lastly, I have resolved to finish my first book, or at least a very rough version of it; how great would it be to pay for my creative writing bachelors with earnings from my first book? I also plan to post here at least once a week to keep you all up to date on this writer's journey.

I hope I will later be able to look back on 2012 as a great step towards the top of bestseller lists. What will 2012 mean to you?

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